Curb Rash Repair & Rim Repair

We Fix Curb Rash, Wheel Curb Rash, and Rim Repair
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Curb Rash Repair & Rim RepairCurb rash on your sweet 20″ wheels? No problem, we can fix them! We fix & repair curb rash on *most wheels and rims. We have become experts at fixing wheel curb rash and rim repair.

We can fix curb rash for$15 per rim, + Powder coating the entire wheel.

Why do we powder coat the entire wheel? So that the wheel will look brand new again.

Complete job will run $165 each wheel (for most wheels)

Not only do we specialize in rim repair and fixing curb rash, but we also powder coat rims & wheels! So your wheels and rims will look as good as they did when you first bought them.