Shipping Instructions

Shipping Tips & Info for Powder Coating


  • Before shipping, all parts must be clean and dry. Oily parts can be degreased with brake cleaner or another type of degreaser…the main goal is to make sure the oil is removed.
  • Prior to shipping, please remove all bearings, bushings, labels, plastic, rubber, seals, and weights from your parts. Nonmetallic parts cannot tolerate the heat that is generated during the powder coating process.


  • You do not have to disassemble the calipers, please do not remove the pistons. We take great care in protecting the pistons and the boots, therefore you do not need to remove them. However, we do ask that you remove the bleeder valves and not ship those to us.

Prep Work

Most parts require some prep work prior to coating. Prep work includes cleaning, sandblasting, surface sanding and masking. If you have specific masking requirements, please include a detailed explanation with the shipment. Charges for prep work will vary depending on the difficulty of the job. If any additional charges are incurred, you will be advised.

Shipping Costs

The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to and from ArmorTech. Therefore, we ask that you include a paid return shipping label with your parts. We will take extreme care in wrapping and packing your finished parts so they arrive in excellent condition, however, ArmorTech cannot be responsible for damages caused by the shipping company.

ArmorTech is not responsible for the structural integrity of items due to their age and condition prior to preparation. ArmorTech is also not responsible for holes (due to rust) after the sandblasting process, or breakage of the part during the disassembly or assembly process.

Please be sure to submit payment prior to shipping your items. We cannot begin work on your parts until we receive full payment.

*Orders requiring to be expedited may incur an expedited fee.

We thank you for the chance to introduce you to our suite of custom services and look forward to helping you with your finishing needs.